Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver

Tonight, I had a pleasant evening with my good friend Megan Mattock at live model drawing (it’s also a cute burlesque show) with Dr. Sketchy’s in Vancouver. Dr. Sketchy’s is hosted by Shary Contrary, and tonight she featured the lovely Portia Favro as our fearless model. I’ll provide links below for the names mentioned. 

Good Night! I’m exhausted…. : )


Courtney Colbon Art

Megan Mattock: http://www.meganmattock.com/

Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver, Canada: http://drsketchyvancouver.com/

Shary Contrary: https://www.instagram.com/sharycontrary/ 

Portia Favro: https://www.portiafavro.com/

PS> I won the funny button at half time. Thanks Portia! a photo below featuring, “MY VAGINA MADE ME DO IT” button haha

Courtney Colbon Instagram Contest

Hi guys,

I’m feeling so grateful for the community that surrounds me on instagram. As an artist, it really warms my heart to read uplifting comments and words of encouragement. This is a community that I’d like to grow and continue forming relationships with, so in celebration of ALL OF YOU, I’m holding an Instagram Contest in your honour. 

There will be only ONE winner chosen at random from all the PROPER rule abiding entries; the winner will be mailed ONE 8.5x 11“Fox” giclee Print (Image above) and ONE fine art sketch using a photo from your family album or selfie. THE WINNER will have these two prizes shipped to their address ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for FREE! How to Enter:

#1. Share the two images “Fox print” & “Rules & Conditions” above on your Instagram (Pro-tip: right click to download a copy above). DM me to make sure I follow you back if you’re account is private mode
#2. TAG @courtneycolbonart in your POST & IMAGE
#3. Hashtag your post with #CourtneyColbonContest (very important for me to actually find your contest entry)
#4. Follow me @CourtneyColbonArt on Instagram
#5. Tag a friend!

Contest closes Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 at midnight PST
Winners announced Sunday, September 24th, 2017 at 5pm PST

Good luck!

<3 Court

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