Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver

Tonight, I had a pleasant evening with my good friend Megan Mattock at live model drawing (it’s also a cute burlesque show) with Dr. Sketchy’s in Vancouver. Dr. Sketchy’s is hosted by Shary Contrary, and tonight she featured the lovely Portia Favro as our fearless model. I’ll provide links below for the names mentioned. 

Good Night! I’m exhausted…. : )


Courtney Colbon Art

Megan Mattock: http://www.meganmattock.com/

Dr. Sketchy’s Vancouver, Canada: http://drsketchyvancouver.com/

Shary Contrary: https://www.instagram.com/sharycontrary/ 

Portia Favro: https://www.portiafavro.com/

PS> I won the funny button at half time. Thanks Portia! a photo below featuring, “MY VAGINA MADE ME DO IT” button haha

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